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We produce webcasts and webinars live and on-demand to audiences ranging from 10 to 10,000.

Webcasts are an effective means to reach your audience to deliver news, provide training or update investors, stakeholders or staff members. Essentially a live television broadcast, the signal is sent via the internet to viewers watching on computers, tablets or smartphones. Most webcasts originate from a single location with all the presenters in one room, often with an audience present.

The Webcast Player can include PowerPoint slides, a company logo and Question and Answer functionality. A live webcast can be available for replay with our on-demand archive feature. Webcasts can be password protected with audience registration and login required for viewing.

Webinars are essentially the same, except they broadcast only the presenters audio, not the video signal. Because of the lack of live video, webinars are less expensive to produce and often occur with presenters in multiple locations.

Webcasts and webinars allow interaction between the presenters and audience through a moderated Q&A function in the webcast player.

Webcast Player can include video and PowerPoint slides or other images.
The Webcast Player (above) includes your logo, and an optional 'ask a question' button. the video player is on the left and PowerPoint/image viewer on the right.

We offer several pricing options based on the production services required, viewership and length of the webcast or webinar.

Video webcasts can originate from nearly any location where T-1 or dedicated high-speed DSL lines are available to stream the event. Audio webinars can originate anywhere a phone line and high-speed internet connection are available.

Our webcast services include:

  • Dedicated production management
  • Location scout and internet connection test
  • Camera with operator
  • Lighting, audio feed from house sound
  • Encoding technician with 2 laptop computers
  • Event player and optional registration page
  • Webcast to compliant desktops, laptops, tablets, iPad, iPhones and Android devices
  • Moderated Q&A window
  • Private presenter chat function for technical crew and client
  • PowerPoint deck integration into event player
  • Personalized event elements like Q&A, polls, slides and registration
  • Email invitation, reminder and confirmation distribution
  • A choice of Content Delivery Networks to match you needs
  • Online security perimeter for event (optional)
  • 6-month online archive for on-demand viewing (optional)
  • Registration and viewership report (optional)
  • Video playback function during webcast (optional)
  • Assistance with locating venue (optional)
  • Rehearsal webcast (optional)
  • Wireless audio system for speaker and/or venue (optional)
  • Phone patch to conference call (optional)
  • Make-up, teleprompter (optional)
  • Post-event editing (optional)

  • Whether live or taped, Forrester Media makes producing a webcast or webinar easy! We can provide a turnkey event and one phone call secures everything you need to make your webcast a success!

    For additional information, call us at 770-558-4059.

    Preparing for a live, multi-camera webcast in New Orleans, LA.Standing by for the start of a multi-camera live webcast originating from New Orleans, LA at the HIMSS Conference.


    success stories

    I had the pleasure to work with Mike on location in Gloucester, Mass. for the motion picture, The Perfect Storm. Mike's professionalism, can-do attitude, and diplomatic demeanor endeared him to both the movie staff and the supporting cast. I can highly recommend Mike's work, and would enjoy working with him again on any task"

    Jim FInkle
    Public Affairs Officer
    Air National Guard

    On location at the Marriott Marquis Hotel for a live webcast.

    Webcast from Atlanta's Delta Hangar 2.

    Live SEC announcement at Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

    Live townhall webcast with live audience and call-ins from viewers.