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How much does it cost to have a video made?
Pricing can vary depending on the type and length of the video. We look at the complexity of the project, scripting needs, location of the shoot, run time of the video, use of actors or voiceover talent, titles, graphics, animation, editing and equipment needed as the primary factors. The more information you can provide about what you want to produce, the more accurate the quote. Call us for a free quote.

How long does it take to complete a video?
Most productions take 3-6 weeks to complete, though we regularly accommodate rush productions. Receiving timely feedback from our questions after reviewing the draft versions of the video help to keep a project on schedule.

Do you help write the script and manage the project?
We can be as involved as you desire. Some clients have a rough draft of the script already prepared and we simply polish it to make it video-friendly. Other times we start with a blank piece of paper. We always provide feedback and guidance that we think will benefit the production. After all, we want you to return to have us produce another video for you.

Can I shoot the video at my location?
Yes. We have worked in nearly every imaginable office, factory, institutional or recreational location imaginable. We can use the existing office environment, or create a virtual one by using our portable green screen. We also have acccess to studio locations.

What should I wear if I am being interviewed or appearing on camera?
We suggest solid earth tones for most productions. Blues, tans and dark reds are usually safe options. If you are being filmed on a green screen, please avoid any shade of green. Try to avoid clothing with tight patterns or wide horizontal lines. Patterns can cause a moray effect and horizontal lines emphasize width (something most of us want to avoid). If you wear a white shirt, consider bringing a jacket or sweater to help reduce the contrast between your skin tone and the shirt. Lastly, bring a second shirt/blouse, tie or jacket as an alternate selection.

Can I use a popular song (or music) in my video?
The short answer is no, but we offer an alternative. All music in the last 100 years is covered by at least one, if not two copyrights. Most often, there is one for the score (music) and one for the performance (artist). A license for each must be obtained for any video including that music, usually costing thousands of dollars. As an alternative, we utilize several music libraries that are licensed for use in our video projects.

Can you help provide actors or voiceover talent?
Yes we can. We work with talent agencies to find the right actors or extras, if required for your production. We host casting sessions and provide clients with video from the session, along with our feedback, so a decision can be made. We also maintain a file of voiceover artists that are available to record the narration of your video.

Can you produce my project?
Most likely we can! We're a B2B (business to business) company, so if you are needing a commercial, sales or promotional video, interview, webcast or other corporate or broadcast production or camera crew, we can help.

I have an idea for a reality show or talk show. Can you help?
Sorry, we do not produce, invest or partner with any concepts or ideas for reality or talk television unless they are already on network television or have a veteran show runner attached to the network-approved project.

Do you produce music videos?
Sorry, we do not produce music videos.

Do you rent your gear?
Sorry, we only send out gear with our crew/operators.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?
Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We also accept wire transfers and PayPal. Payment by company check is accepted in most circumstances.

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